Why Smart Road Witness?

Our solutions, loaded with HD CMOS camera, G-sensor and IR night vision captures high quality video even in low light conditions, give peace of mind to the driver to focus on road and takes away the worries of unnecessary issues faced on road staged accidents, break-in attempt,road rage, etc.

Smart Road Witness solutions are paving the way for increased safety, lower operating cost, improved driving skills and many others. One of the most valuable benefits of our solution to clients is the video footage and analytics data for their use in coaching and training drivers.

We do not just rely on design & software to produce accurate results, Smart Road Witness offers innovative, intelligent and customizable solution to optimize the performance of fleet and driver, enhance fleet safety, monitor driver behavior, improve risk management and increased customer satisfaction

Security of vehicle and personnel ensured with Smart Road Witness solutions. 24X7 video coverage of your valuable assets to protect from potential risks. Our solutions combine advanced hardware with adaptive software to easily manage, customize and analyse essential data.

  • Designed, tested and manufactured in South Korea, the solutions are of highest international standards suitable for both private and commercial vehicles.
  • Strict procedures at our manufacturing factory, ensure highest reliability and quality of our solutions.
  • Solution design and features enable accuracy and precision of the data
  • Our solutions /products are designed to be tamper resistant and automated. Vehicle integration technology & securely locked hardware prevent tampering with recordings or operations.
  • Minimizes the risk on road collision or accidents. Promotes safe driving behaviours on roads.
  • Protects company & driver with video safety program to improve driving skills and minimize incidents on the road.
  • Investigate what really happened on road / monitor the driving habits of the employee- identify the potential risk area, exonerate driver or reward the performing driver.
  • Solution integrates video analytics and program flexibility, a game changer for the fleet owners.