Keep your vehicle safe with DVR

One thing that troubles everyone once they buy a vehicle is of losing it to the hands of a thief. Many security systems are available in the market, but by far the most effective one is the DVR. DVR means digital video recording; this record the video in digital format and stores it in any storage media for further use.

Tips to get the most from your video security DVR

Video security has become the heart of security systems in all fields. This article gives you some tips so that you can get satisfying DVR for vehicle India.

  • Auto start/stop- it is an essential feature for your dashcam. It comes with a power cable to connect with your power source. This will get automatically started when you start your ignition and will stop when you stop the car. Some have a battery source that gives you the benefit of a recording of a minute or two once you switch the ignition off.
  • Loop recoding- without loop recording your Dashcam will stop recording once your memory card gets filled and you might lose the recording after that. Loop recording is the feature that enables it to record and overwrite on the pre-existing video. This will give you the recording of every instant you are on the road.
  • Memory card- the current available support is up to 128 GB of storage. You can buy a Sandisk card or a TF card as per your need. It all depends on how much you travel per day and in what resolution you record.
  • Resolution-HD recording is quite common. It can record up to 1080p, 30 frames per second. This is enough to capture everything in detail including number plate, road symbols. Even a resolution of 720p is also enough for capturing things in detail.
  • Recording angle- by default the angle for dashcam is set to 120 degrees. It is a wide enough angle for recording a wide road view. Recording angle should be such that it covers both sides of the road on which you are travelling.
  • Your need- you should get your needs absolutely clear in your mind. What resolution recording you need, what is the duration you remain on the road every day. You know your needs the best and all you got to do is to find the perfect match for your needs because it is not coming free of cost.

They are your valuables and you should do everything to protect them. A DVR is a very helpful system to keep a check on the thieves. A vehicle getting stolen is always a bad experience not only because it is a great financial dent, but also because there are sentiments attached to vehicles of many people. Follow the tips given above and get the best for you. Do not settle with just any DVR for vehicle India, get your needs perfectly fulfilled. Once you are satisfied, and then only invest in it. Security should always remain the first priority.

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